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What is IMYPATH?

IMYPATH is a Middle & Upper Class Lifestyle Social Network! Our network is designed to create Royalty, King, Queen, Success and Imperial concepts in its design and in its functionality. We provide the platform and methods for our users to network with each other. Our platform allows our users to create General & Exclusive Categories that are connected to a revolutionary social search engine. Our user’s supporters, customers, friends or family members can support our categories to see what our users are posting too and join in their discussions.

How does IMYPATH work?

IMYPATH functions by utilizing a method called category networking that allows our users to post there post’s to category chats to network with each other. These category chats are divided into General & Exclusive categories. Exclusive Categories are personalizable and the creator controls the categories similar to a website owner who controls the content on their website. General Categories can be created by any user and allows everyone to join in and post to these categories , sharing their ideas and experiences as they engage with other users posting to the same categories.

IMYPATH Functionality Includes

Messaging, Audio Post, Video Post, Image Post, Quote Status Post, Love it, Hate it Interaction Icon Ratings Army System, Ghost Profile, Feeling Quote, Search by Section, Category Search Engine, Add Exclusive Category, Add General Category, Profile Video, Comment Section & Link Technology.


IMYPATH seeks to provide an environment for people to network through our user created categories with the ability to interact on a dynamic platform that allows multiple networking capabilities. Our mission is to remove the noise from social networking and create an environment that’s fun, addictive and limited.

Rating Army System:

Our Rating Army System documents the users who rate your post 1 to 5 stars. This feature allows some of the most successful people on the planet in some cases to rate your post or profile, so it’s less likely to be misused as in traditional social networks.

Messaging System:

IMYPATH comes with to: & from: messaging functionality, and users can also delete previously sent messages!

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